The NEW SmartBurner™ intelligent cooking system provides all the features and benefits of the original Safe-T-element™, now available to the general public and can be installed by anyone.

Celebrity Chef David Rocco has called the product ‘brilliant’ and a must have for anyone who owns an electric coil stove. Why? Simple. It cooks food better. With a more even heat, food is less likely to burn or cook unevenly. It allows for easier and faster cleaning with no chance of food falling in between the coils. It saves money by reducing the amount of energy needed to cook food AND it substantially reduces the number one cause of household fires – cooking fire.

SmartBurner is a new, state‐of‐the art consumer version of the highly praised commercial product Safe-T-element. Finally, individual households can transform their old electric coil stoves and ranges in seconds. Looks Smart. Cooks Smart. Saves Smart.

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